Excerpt from the article “Local Artists Exhibit At ‘Affaire In The Gardens'” (October 24, 2008)

Beverly Hills Courier

Nancy Clavin paints happy.  What she means is that she likes when people walk by her art and smile.  That’s why she paints colorful cupcakes, gorgeous women’s shoes Manolos and Pradas, cakes and ice cream cones, even teddy bears. “I like doing happy art”, she says. Her inspirations come from pop artists like Andy Warhol, and her work appeals mostly to women and children, she says. Kids are what Clavin knows. For 15 years she has worked as a substitute teacher in the Beverly Hills Unified School District.  Her three children, Daniel, Elizabeth and Andy all went to El Rodeo and graduated from Beverly High.  For five years she has been showing her work at Affaire in the Gardens. Why does she keep coming back? Because it is a high-end, high-class affaire, she says. Clavin’s background is in art. She studied art history, and was a docent at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art before becoming a teacher. She’s been oil painting for almost 10 years. “I paint for me.”